Framework Supports Decision Making for Quality Improvement at the Front Line

Integrated Home Care – Data-driven Decision-making for Quality Improvement at the Front Line



Data-driven quality improvement initiatives led by home care staff have the potential to enhance services for clients in a number of ways including: improved quality and safety of client care; increased time spent with clients; and reduced client deferrals. This project designed and piloted a quality improvement process that enabled front line home care staff to use information generated from data to inform short quality improvement cycles.


Lead: Abram Gutscher, Program Manager, Integrated Home Care, Alberta Health Services (AHS) in collaboration with six AHS Calgary Zone Integrated Home Care teams and supported by Alberta Improvement Way Process consultants.


Six quality improvement (QI) projects from six different Calgary Zone Integrated Home Care teams were undertaken. In each project, front line staff identified and selected their QI project, received the necessary knowledge and tools to conduct the project and developed data-driven dashboards to support their decision making. The projects were evaluated and a QI process (framework) for front line staff was developed.


The quality improvement process was approved for implementation by AHS Calgary Zone Integrated Home Care Operations with the possibility of further implementation in the other four AHS Zones. A toolkit, outlining key strategies of the quality improvement framework developed from the project, is available for home care staff across the province to help improve their capacity to drive QI at the front line.