Creating Capacity to Manage Responsive Aggressive Behaviours

Managing Responsive Aggressive Behaviours: Implementing and Evaluation a Capacity Building Process in Acute Care, Supportive Living and Long Term Care



Responsive behaviours are forms of communication in response to something important to the individual regarding their personal, social or physical environment. If such behaviours are aggressive, they can present concerns for health care professionals who may lack the knowledge or capacity to respond appropriately.

The goal of this project is to explore a process to support staff in building their capacity to manage responsive aggressive behaviours in a way that gives residents better outcomes.


Dr. Suzette Brémault-Phillips, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta, in collaboration with the Misericordia Community Hospital (acute care), Capital Care Lynnwood (long term care), and Balwin Villa (supportive living).


Drawing on learning and resources from local, provincial and national initiatives to create a capacity building process and examine its applicability in Alberta’s acute care, long-term care, and supportive living facilities.

Early impact

This project expects to provide:
• An Integrated Capacity Building Process for use across the continuum of care in Alberta in the management of aggressive behaviours in the senior population;
• An Alberta specific Behavioural Education Training Supports Inventory Program Matrix and inventory of education and training resources; and
• A web-based interface designed to provide project participants with strategies, resources, training materials, and opportunities for networking to facilitate their ability to manage responsive aggressive behaviours.