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Designing, testing and spreading great ideas

The Covenant Health Network of Excellence in Seniors’ Health and Wellness exists to build Alberta’s capacity to support seniors better. It gives seniors a voice to define what ‘better’ looks like and engages families, care professionals, academics, and communities in designing, testing and spreading innovative practices. As part of Covenant Health, the Network evaluates ideas across the full spectrum of supports and care for seniors from independent living to acute and continuing care services.

Impact by the numbers

Impacts delivered reflect strategic investment by the Network. Outcomes “in the pipe” are anticipated to be finalized in the March 2017 to September 2018 timeframe. The Network will continue to work with our network members and partners in seniors care and supports to spread these findings broadly for increased impact.

Changes in Practice

Practice changes implemented and underway include improved patient transitions from hospital to home.

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New Products

New products delivered and on the way include an assessment template, online toolkits and manuals, and new evaluation models.

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New Services

New services include navigation support, peer education, and a Primary Care Network shared care approach for frail seniors.

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Behavioural Changes

Behavioural changes achieved include growth in knowledge, advocacy, independence, activity and social connectedness.

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Learn what we're learning

In the past five years, the Network has learned a great deal about what care that honours seniors looks like.  We have generated and tested a wide range of ideas to learn how we can ensure all care meets the highest standard, and is honouring.

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Everything learned and developed within the Network is freely available to be shared and implemented widely.