Inventories of Resources and Supports for Family Caregivers – Alberta


Caregivers are an essential component of our health and social care delivery system. Caregivers need easy access to care and supports that will help them maintain their own health and well-being and assist them in their caregiving roles.

Access to support materials, caregiver resources, and information related to care needs, help reduce the strain and isolation often associated with the caregiver role.

Working together

The Network created this document in partnership with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Caregivers Alberta, Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary, and the Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta & Northwest Territories.

The Network led the development of an inventory of current resources available to caregivers in Alberta, and made recommendations to AHS on considerations for a provincial information source for caregivers.


Family Caregivers – Resources and Supports

The Inventory of Current Support Organizations for Caregivers in Alberta  summarizes caregiver information and supports to assist caregivers in their caregiving roles.


The main inventory has been broken down into smaller, targeted sets of information for specific diseases, processes or stages of life (e.g. dementia, palliative and End-of-Life care, etc.). For all information, please see the main inventory.