Supports for Family Caregivers of Seniors


Family caregivers of seniors are an integral, yet increasingly overburdened part of the healthcare system. Given the toll of caregiving and the essential role of caregivers as a backbone of the healthcare system, supporting them has become a health priority. This initiative organizes and leads symposiums to engage seniors, their family caregivers, professional care providers and other stakeholders to identify key considerations for involving and supporting family caregivers when they intersect with the healthcare system.

Working together

The Network has been working in partnership with family caregivers, healthcare providers, seniors’ organizations, community service organizations, researchers, academics and policy makers.

Symposia and meetings

Supporting Family Caregivers of Seniors: Improving Care and Caregiver Outcomes (2014): identified effective strategies to increase caregiver resilience, address current gaps in caregiver supports, and improve caregiver outcomes.

Supporting Family Caregivers of Seniors within Acute and Continuing Care Systems (2016): explored gaps in family caregiver supports in the healthcare system; raised awareness of the need for healthcare provider education to better support family caregivers; reviewed caregiver assessment tools for consideration in practice.

Fostering Resilience in Family Caregivers of Seniors in Care (2017): sought specific recommendations for improving recognition of, and supports to, family caregivers of seniors when they intersect within healthcare settings.

Health Workforce Training Meetings (2018 and 2019)

Early impact

The symposiums brought attention to the challenges family caregivers face, and the resources they require to help them successfully navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.  Health Workforce Training has spread an understanding of these challenges to those on the frontline.


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